iMovie Editing for Social Media

Everything that you need to know about the basics of editing including clips to use and gain hands on experience

Video is powerful

video marketing is a powerful strategy to promote your personal brand and grow your business

You can spend hours trying to figure out iMovie on your own…or I can walk you thru exactly how to do it.

I spend hours and hours teaching myself but I am saving you time with this clearly laid out course

What if you could check your Instagram feed to see that you have increased engagement (comments, likes, views and messages) from your ideal followers? What If I told you the key to increasing exposure on Instagram?

After implementing basic iMovie video editing techniques specific for short videos you can increase engagement with your feed and build the know, like and trust factor among your ideal client/audience. You can create better content when you use video as a medium to showoff who you are, what you do and how you can help your ideal clients.

I'm here to save you time and show you what works.

I started using social media in 2017 knowing nothing about video and editing. I'm self taught and I took my time every weekend for one year editing hundreds of clips that I created as "collaborations" with dietitians from around the world.

When i first started social media video was growing, but there was no "live feature" and posts were limited to 30 seconds (on instagram specifically). I've seen huge platforms roll out live features and expand post time for video posts. Video is a growing medium to communicate your messages and its the BEST opportunity to stand out and let your customers and ideal clients know who you are and how you can help them. I use video via my instagram, and youtube as marketing tools, and now I monetize courses and coaching to help registered dietitians with business skills to help them stand out online.

Does this sound like you?

You like the idea of posting a short video, but editing sounds terrifying

You have an Instagram feed, but you’re unsure and frustrated with how to increase engagement

You want to get in front of your ideal client, but you don’t know how

You like video and you want solutions to help you feel confident posting

You know that becoming an influencer is important, but you don’t have all day to spend on Instagram trying to figure out how to make a video (who has time for that?)

You have been wanting to start video, but procrastination takes over and you feel paralyzed from applying new skills because you're busy

You think video is overwhelming and to much work, but you haven't learned the technical skills to

You want to create a video, but you don’t know how to structure it in order to increase engagement and really influence your ideal customer

You don’t have all day to learn social media and you feel that it already takes TO MUCH TIME and this frustrates you because you run a business and you want answers

What if you could login to Instagram and feel:

Confident to edit a video that can increase engagement and land in front of the right person to help you gain exposure and build the know, like and trust factor (i.e. your ideal client who will buy from you and refer his or her friends)

Unafraid To position yourself as the expert in your specialty and be known for what you do via the powerful medium of video (i.e gut health or material health in dietetics)

Encouraged: to make connections online and post consistently because you have the strategies in place to succeed on the Instagram space

Introducing: iMovie Editing for Social Media

this 7 part lesson video course will cover X case studies will help you improve your content (marketing message) and increase your personal brand awareness (build the know, like and trust factor).

Part 1: Learn X

Part 2: learn X

Part 3: Identify X

Part 4: learn X

iMovie Editing for Social Media offers a step by step guide teaching you how to edit a short video that has the power to influence and impact your audience. You will complete this course with actionable steps to both evaluate your current video footage (if you have any) and implement new strategies to create meaningful videos that captivate your audience and set you up for monetization.

This course makes creating powerful content achievable. You can implement proven strategies to level up your current social media strategies now and continue to use these elements to captivate your audience in the future.

If you’re not getting high engagement on your posts on social media, then you are leaving the opportunity to grow, stand out and monetize. When you increase visibility and impact by using video you can get in front of your ideal client, stand out and convert leads into paying clients.

Nutrition professionals have the opportunity to gain clients and monetize their products and services by effectively using social media to expand their business, or turn their side hustle into a consistent revenue stream.

Using specific editing techniques has taken my feed from zero to 10k in less then one year and helped me launch a successful online business (consistent revenue stream).

Content creation shouldn’t take hours and hours, but with direction and clarity of how to use storytelling elements you can create more effective content in shorter periods of time all while increasing your reach; you must get in front of your ideal client in order to monetize your products and services.

"I love this course!! It was super super helpful, I went from only knowing how to use the very basic editing features on my iphone to shorten clips to now being able to to do all of the basic editing functions as well as some more advanced functions. The length is great too, not too long but covers everything you need to know. "

-Tamara Saslove, Dietetic Intern, @theculinarynutritionist

Who for:

Beginners who have never edited a video, or you have opened iMovie, but you havn't spend 20+ hours practicing short clip editing and layering

Beginners who have posted a video, but you have no idea how to add any editing techniques to create a more engaging and cohesive

Intermediate videographers who have posted video(s), but you only use one shot/angle or you are not sure how to expand your basic skills

Who not for:

Beginners who don't want to apply easily laid out strategies and worksheets for how to edit video footage for short clips

Beginners who haven't started any social media accounts (you should understand the basics of where you're posting) i.e. Facebook vs. YouTube vs. Instagram. If this is you the first step is familiarizing yourself with the platform and then return to purchase.

Intermediate videographers who don't want to create better content with a more cohesive feel

Anyone who has a bad attitude and doesn't want to put it in the work to learn new skills to position themselves as the expert within their niche on social media

Your Instructor

Libby Rothschild
Libby Rothschild

Hi, my name is Libby Rothschild and I'm both a business coach and course creator here to help you position yourself as an expert among your niche, build an impact and manage multiple streams of income.

The first and MOST important step towards building a lasting impact among your niche includes developing and managing a strong personal brand. My courses will help you define who you are and HOW you can position yourself as an expert on social media (specifically Instagram) in order to build significant influence, grow your account and monetize your products and/or services.

I managed my own sucessful personal training business for 8 years in New York City before I became a registered dietitian. Now I work as registered dietitian, speaker, course creator and business coach to high performing fitness and nutrition professionals. I manage 9 streams of consistent income and I will help you do the same. I'm dedicated to helping YOU stand out and build an impact.


Co-Creator: Nutrition Masterminds

Website: Libby Rothschild

Email me: enrothschild@gmail.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
What if I'm not on any social media channels, but I want to learn first how to edit a video, should I buy this course?
No. First familiarize yourself with what platform you want to use, and then come back. You need to have basic knowledge how how to post a video on (facebook or instagram or youtube).
Why do you emphasize 1 minute for a clip vs longer? Should I still take this course if I want to edit longer clips?
Yes. This course shows specific examples of 1 minute video clips because statistics show that to stay relevant on social media you must keep your content short and effective. This course will show you how to master creating better content for social media to increase engagement. These same concepts CAN be applied for longer form video, but this course is made for editing short clips
What if I am brand new to social media, is this course where I should start?
First familiarize yourself with whatever platform (i.e. if you choose Instagram then post any piece of content for at least a week and makes sure that you understand the features. After you feel that you are able to upload a post, then come back and purchase this course.
What if I have been trying to grow on social media for years and you feel that using video will help increase engagement. Should you buy this course?
Yes. This would be a great way to learn a new medium (video) and use this form of content with your current lineup to level up your social media strategy.
Could I find this information for free online?
Yes, and to master the basics of editing it would take you at least 20-50 hours. If you run a business and you value your time then you need to buy this course and stop doing low level tasks like teaching yourself what you can outsource. THIS WILL HOLD YOU BACK.
Does your course offer an affiliate program?
Yes, this course will allow you to use a link with a code and make a commission from this course. Upon completion of the course you would email me and we can set that up.
Is this course worth the price?
This course saves time and provided proven strategies. How much is your time worth? If you ever have used a taxi or an uber instead of a car or a train then I suggest you also buy this course and put these strategies into action.

This course is not open for enrollment.